Design isn’t a thing we do. It’s a way of life. And there is no place we experience it more than through our home.

Good design and architecture pays dividends. Elevating property values and providing inspiration to all who live there. Every day of their lives.

We specialize in modern, mid century and architecturally considered homes of every era that exude modern living or have the potential within.

Not every home is a Pietro Belluschi, Van Evera Bailey, Saul Zaik, William Fletcher, John Storrs, Walter Gordon or Rummer, but stunning homes by countless architects have been built throughout the years in Portland since the modern movement began – and are still being designed, built or created today. We’re aware of them all and can help you sell, land or reimagine the one you love today.

We inspire lives through considered design, architecture and modernism.

If we didn’t sell architecture we couldn’t be realtors. We are designers and innovators who live a life of design and see it as the guiding principle of our practice. Real estate is how we keep it all legal and make the transactions happen while having fun with like minded clients of many walks who also value great architecture.

Our curated service network includes design centered architects, interior designers, builders, design trade partners, furniture makers and more; and some of the most trustworthy and innovative real estate resources around.

Design Trade Partners

Our like minded Design Trade Partners provide generous benefits to our clients. Connect with us for all the sweet details.

Curated Listings

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good design is good investment.

Whether you’re buying or selling a home with us, design and collaboration matters. For our buyers, our design experience and creative vision will help us find that needle in the haystack they’ve been looking for and imagine all the possibilities. For our sellers, industry unique, highly crafted and curated marketing methodology, establishes a high level of expectation and a lot of buzz before a buyer ever walks through the door. In turn creating high demand and a sales price that reflects it. Reach out and let’s get started!